How To Choose a Circular Saw

How To Choose a Circular Saw?

Circular saws are famous for their portability, power, and versatility. These saws can even cut through materials that are not wood. Little wonder why woodworkers, carpenters as well as builders continue to find the tool valuable.

Are you thinking of buying one yourself?

Here are the things you need to look for.

Go Big

When it comes to circular saws, horsepower is critical. Circular saws are of different sizes. The sizes range from 4″ to 7-1/4″ with 7-1/4″ being the most popular size. The equipment is also usually graded by the RPMs of the saw blade or by the machine’s horsepower.

Choose a circular saw that has more power compared to other designs of the same size. We recommend models that have no less than 2 horsepower because they won’t bind when being used, especially if there’s a lot of loads involved. However, a 1-HP 7-1/4″ circular saw is also manageable.


But a compact circular saw is recommended if you are operating in a small space or for your small/portable jobs. Here you can find some of the best mini circular saws in the UK.

Saw Adjustments

There are controls on circular saws that you can use to regulate the depth of cut. It is typical for 7-1/4″ models to have control options from 0 to 2-3/8″. Also, you can adjust the slant of the cut from 0 to 45-degrees.

When choosing your saw, make sure to examine the controls. Ensure that they are effortless to operate and are capable of holding whatever angle or depth you wish them to.

Safety Features

All circular Saws come with some fundamental safety features. While choosing, you must examine the saw of your choice for a safety switch. This switch must be fastened upon before the trigger can be depressed. The saw should also come with a blade guard that moves easily as you plunge the saw through the wood.

This guard will, however, spring back into place when you put the saw away from the stock. Circular saws like other equipment come with manual and safety instructions. Do well to read and understand them. Also, ensure you put them to practice as you use the machine.

Extra Features

Circular saws that are of higher quality and grade typically have some additional properties. For example, the anti-locking clutch. Situated at either side of the blade, these clutches enable the blade to slide peradventure it binds on the stock. This also serves to protect the saw’s motor. A blade lock is another extra feature that higher saws have. This lock fastens the drive spindle in place and makes it simpler to replace the blade of your saw.

A.C. Power vs Battery-Powered Saws

A new improvement on circular saws has seen to the design of battery-powered models with 4-inch blades. These latest saws are perfect when it comes to simple cutting activities like paneling or cutting through 1/4-inch plywood. In addition to this, they’re easy to carry and are thus the ideal tool when the work you’re doing requires reaching high.

That said, in terms of horsepower these saws have been found wanting. As such, they can hardly cut through a thick wood. This battery-operated tool will no doubt be useful for you, but it is advised that you have others to fall back on if the need arises.

There you have it: your ultimate guide to finding the circular saw of your dreams. Start your search now and thank us later.


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How to Mow Your Lawn and Keep It Green in Hot Weather

How to Mow Your Lawn and Keep It Green in Hot Weather

In times when the weather is transitioning from cold to hot, there’s always a need to reevaluate how you mow your lawn. This way, you can keep the plants safe and as healthy as possible. Here, we’ve come to teach you the best ways to mow your lawn during the hot season.

How Do You Mow Your Lawn in Hot Weather?

Sure, a low-cut, manicured lawn might appear to be the best. However, turfgrass is more ideal during summer when you allow it to grow a little. During this time, your lawn needs deeper roots to suck up moisture from the soil. Meanwhile, a more extended shoot usually means deeper roots too. Apart from this, a thick lawn also shades the soil and minimizes evaporation.

Many of the lawnmowers, specially best cordless lawn mowers UK being made these days have height adjustment levers. This feature is what makes it easy to raise and lower the deck while cutting grass. However, there’s a need to determine the precise setting by using a ruler. This is necessary until you’re more familiar with your machine.

We recommend that you let your grass grow to about 4½ inches during the hottest weeks and then mow it to around 3 to 3½ inches. Once the temperature starts to cool down again, you can drop the grass back down to about 2½, to gain a more manicured look. Here are the steps you need to follow.


Step 1: Measure Current Cutting Height

Roll your mower onto a flat surface. Your driveway or garage floor will do. Make sure you remove the spark plug from the power source to avoid any accidental turning on of the engine. To make the blade accessible to you, raise the rear-discharge flap. Then, measure the distance from the blade to the ground to know the height of your blade.

You must know that many manufacturers ship their mowers from the factory with their decks in the lowest position. Usually, they’re as low as 1.5 inches. This is capable of scalping a lawn even when the weather conditions are ideal.

Step 2: Adjust the Deck Height

Usually, a lawnmower will come with a notched adjustment lever attached to its wheels. For some mowers, each of the wheels may even have one lever. For others, one lever goes to the front wheels and another to the rear wheels. However, some come with only a single lever for all four wheels.

We have discovered that it is easy to operate all configurations once you learn how to do it. However, the notches don’t usually give a cutting height that corresponds. As such, you need to measure the blade a second time using your ruler. Do this after the adjustment to make sure that you’re still at the correct cutting height.

Step 3: Clean the Deck

There is a high probability that grass clippings get stuck to the underside of the deck as you cut. This is especially so if your lawn is damp. You will want to take care of this ASAP because if the clumps get too bad, they can begin to stop air from flowing freely inside the deck. This, of course, will eventually reduce the cutting performance of the mower.  Because dried clippings and clumps are not very easy to remove, you will want to clean the deck after every mowing.

Some mowers have unique washout port which you can hook up to your hose. However, a plain old rag will get the job done. Make sure to protect your hands from the blade by wearing heavy gloves.

One other thing you have to do is to spray your clean and dry deck with silicone spray. This is to abort any future build-up when cutting grass. The spray is easy to get at home centres or hardware stores. Also, inspect your blade and make sure it isn’t dull


In summary, your lawn will be more protected in the summer if you keep the grass a little thick. This protects the soil from damage. Now that you know the best way to mow your lawn in hot weather, make sure to apply the knowledge the next time it’s necessary.

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How to Steam Clothes

How to Steam Clothes

If you do not want to spend extra time and energy using an iron, you are on the right page. Here you will find everything that you should know about steaming clothes.

Ready to know about a better grooming solution?

Let us start.

Are you tired of using an iron to remove wrinkles from your clothes? If yes, then you might want to use a steamer to get rid of those. Steaming works on almost any fabric, take less time and effort, but give you effective results. Also, there are health benefits of using a steamer that you cannot get from an iron.

Why Steaming Is Better?

Steaming does not only discourage wrinkles from your clothes, but it also kills odor-causing agents, bacteria and other microbial. Due to this feature, steamers are perfect solution for keeping your clothes wrinkle free and fresh, especially those that can only dry cleaned. Let us discuss some other benefits of steamers over conventional irons.

  1. You will get more out of it. As we stated, it works on almost everything. Whether it is upholstery, drapes, curtains, carpets, pillows or mattresses, it works on everything apart from your outfits.
  2. Kills dust mites. Apart from killing the bacteria, steaming will also remove all the other allergens that can invite dust mites.
  3. Keeps you upright. If you are dealing with backache, then bending over while ironing can be a big deal sometimes. On the better side, steamers allow you to work on the garments at a comfortable height where you do not have to bend. If you have a steam hanger, then you can set the height where you can steam conveniently and quickly.
  4. Deodorizes your clothes. Apart from killing all the allergens, steaming is the best way to refresh your outfits. This feature works great on woolen garments that cannot be ironed. Steaming keeps all the fluffiness and the softness of your overcoats while iron can kill all the heat capturing ability of the spun thread.
  5. Cost effective. A steamer lowers your dry cleaning bills. If you have a handheld steamer, you can also attach other accessories to clean small areas. If you own a canister, then no need to say how versatile it can get.
  6. Environmental friendly. A steamer utilizes water to spray steam, so there are no chemicals involved in the process. No chemicals mean it will not release any air pollutants.
  7. Occupies less space. Space is another factor where steaming wins over traditional ironing. You need an iron board or any other area where you can place one of your clothes. However, in case of a steamer, all you need is a hanger. Yes, you read it right; you can smoothen your clothes while it is hanging.

How To Use a Steamer?

Have you ever tried to make your shirt wrinkle free by hanging it in the shower while you take a bath? A steamer uses the same trick, but is more effective and fast. Apart from the steamer, you need water, hanger and the garment you want to make wrinkle-free.

Prepare the steamer. A handheld or canister based steamer will be perfect for smoothening your clothes because uprights do not have such attachments. We recommend you to use a handheld with the included cloth accessories.

Fill the steamer’s tank with some water, plug it in and let the water heat for some time. In the meanwhile, hang the garment you want to steam.

Run the cleaner on your garment. Check the steamer, if it is heated enough according to the settings. You are ready to steam the garment. Press the trigger to release the steam and run the steamer on the garment. Start from the top and run it downwards.

If you are steaming one of your fine clothes, do not use high temperature. If you doubt that the design print or design might get discolored from the steam, you can steam it inside out. Make sure that you are utilizing the right attachment specially made for clothes and the steamer will come up high with all the fabrics.

Let the clothes dry. Once you are done, steamed clothes will be slightly damp. So, let the clothes dry for some time before you put any of them on.

Why You Still Need Iron?

According to experts, steaming will not be effective in making creases, especially on office wears like trousers. If you have such items in your house, then you should also keep an iron around.

Other Tips and Tricks

  1. Wool, synthetic wool, wool blend, silk, cashmere, cotton, silk blends, and all other delicate fabrics are ideal for steaming.
  2. Leather, waxed jackets, suede or any other garments that have a plastic design on it. Plastic might start melting or can be damaged by steam. Nylon clothes and leather jackets may not agree with the high-temperature steam as well.
  3. If you are steaming a thick item like a jacket or blazer, it’s better to use the brush attachment included with the steamer. Steam it with the brush first to know out the wrinkles and then use the regular attachment.
  4. If you want to spend less time on steaming your washed clothes, then stretch them while you are moving the steamer.
  5. Make sure that the attachment or plate is touching the garment. If you are worried that it could leave a burn mark or a wet spot on your favorite shirt, no need to be afraid. If you are using the right attachment, it’s safe.
  6. Do not steam the garment while you are wearing it.
  7. Always start the steamer from the top and move it towards the bottom.
  8. Do not steam any fabric that has stains on it.

Bottom Line

As we stated earlier, we will discuss a better grooming solution for you. We discussed the working and how steaming can be better for clothes and other materials. We presume that you have gained enough knowledge to know and decide, why steaming can be better than an iron. If you want to have a look at the best handhelds for clothes, you can have a look here.

California King Mattress

California King Mattress – The Choice Of Celebrities

The California King bed is a mattress popular among celebrities, Popstars, and athletes. This is the only bed that can beat a spacious king size bed.

The California king bed is four inches longer than a king size bed. With its 84″ length, the bed is no doubt the biggest one yet. It is especially loved by basketball players and most celebrities.

When you heard Rihanna’s song “California king bed” you must have thought she only wanted to use a much nicer phrase for king size bed. However, this is not so.

A California king bed is not the normal king size bed. It is, in fact, a bed that has a California king mattress. Though Rihanna claims to be 10, 000 miles apart from her lover on the bed, it is only an exaggeration.

Though this mattress is quite large, sleepers can only stretch out over 72″ in length. Also, its width is 4″ narrower than a king size beds. California king mattress in a box is the ideal choice for tall people and people who have ample space to fill.

Origin of the Bed

As you must have guessed, this mattress’ origin can be traced to California. However, there are varying stories about how the mattress actually came to be. One version claim that the bed was demanded by stars from the silver screen of the 1920s and 1930. They needed more space to lounge glamorously in their silk pajamas.

Another version says that it is the sinful celebrities of the 1960s that should be blamed. Because they wanted to brag about owning the most enormous bed in the market, they asked a Los-Angeles furniture company to make the bed for them. The bed was so successful that it was rolled out to a mass market.

The third story is about a certain David Bergeson from Concord in Calif. This man was said to have had very long legs that would often dangle off the end a regular king size bed.

He was said to have also had very short arms and was not able to comfortably reach out and snuggle his wife. As a result, he asked that a bed be made that would meet his needs. Now, it is up to you to choose whichever version of the stories to believe.

California king mattresses have always had a certain sexy image about it. It is this kind of bed that makes appearances in romantic novels. This may be one of the several reasons why people have come to love it. The mattress is excellent for couples. There’s enough space to change position, explore, and stretch out.

Six Things to Always Consider Before Buying a California King Mattress

 Is Your House Big Enough?

It would be a total waste to buy a California king size mattress only to find out that your room is too small to contain it. Therefore, the availability of space is one vital thing to consider before buying top mattresses under 1000 as like California king.

California King Mattress size

Even if you have enough bedroom space, are you absolutely confident that the mattress will squeeze through your doors or fit up your stairs?

You can prevent any possible unwanted surprises by measuring the necessary areas of your house like the doors, entryways and other areas. If they are large enough for the bed to fit in, then you can go ahead with the purchase.

Do You Have The Real Estate to Accommodate The Mattress?

Everybody wants a royal bed like the California king mattress. But not everyone can get it because you need at least 2 feet of extra space on all 3 sides of the mattress to move around the room comfortably.

If your room has more length than breath, then this mattress can work. If not, you should be ready to opt for another bed.

Are You Prepared to Make a ‘Split’ Decision?

What happens when your mattress can be squeezed, bent or forced through the doorway, but the box spring cannot? The only solution would be to order split box spring.

This split box spring has two parts and will make the bed easy to manipulate. So, are you ready to make the decision if it comes to this? Think about it.

Have You Gotten Your Sheets

You really don’t have to wait until the mattress arrives before going in search of a suitable sheet. What happens if you can’t find sheets that fit your bed after purchasing?

The safest thing to do is to search for suitable sheets in a specialty linen store, or maybe check out an online store.

Have You Chosen The Right Headboard?

A California king size mattress is unique and quite significant. While getting a headboard may not be a big deal, it is essential that you get the size right.

You don’t want your headboard looking out of place because it is too flimsy or small. It is like the centerpiece of your bedroom so you might want to go bold and big.

It has to have an eye-catching design and command the attention of people immediately they walk in. Be adventurous with this. Solid pieces, wide wood planks, and upholstery are a great place to start.

Are you ready to pay the Price?

No one expects a royal bed like the California king size to come at a low price. It is large, and has many advantages to the high rate isn’t surprising.

However, the question you should be asking yourself is “can I afford it?” There’s no point throwing yourself into debt just to get this mattress.

You can wait until you’ve gathered enough money, or just opt for a cheaper option. Also, don’t forget the extra cost of sheets and other accessories that will fit the mattress.

The California king size bed is no doubt a great option. However, make sure you’ve considered everything that needs to be considered before purchasing one.

Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

The visibility of vacuum lines on carpets gives a cleaner feeling to clean house. What if you can have dust-free, gleaming floors all the time?

Wouldn’t it be amazing?

Whether you are a flooring fanatic, pile passionate, or love having both a bit, a good vacuum cleaner will be your best friend. We have personally shortlisted models which can motor about 16miles of flooring and carpet for finding and selecting the best vacuum cleaners. Before you can check the guide for buying, you should know which type you are voting.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

You can quickly decide the type you want if we know which type you want your house to be cleaned. If having lots of uprights, rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, you can do overall.

Upright, Stick, Canister, Robotic, Handheld, Wet & dry are the most popular vacuum cleaners in the market.

But, if you have tile floors, hardwood, stairs, laminate then canisters will be an excellent choice to stick to.

Hand-held and stick vacuums are lightweight & it make a perfect choice for comparatively lighter tasks needing immediate attention. A lightweight vacuum will also be helpful for the elderly adults or people with back pain or other health issues. A robotic for the crowd with set-it-and-go. And, central vacuums preferably if you can go for the commitment of installation.

What are the things to consider before you buy a Lightweight Vacuum?

You have a lot many choices and design ranges to choose from, shapes, and colors too. But, before the design, you should mainly know how they do the cleaning. An appealing vacuum doesn’t guarantee you of the cleaning tasks.

Pet owners can choose Canister and Upright vacuum cleaners since they do a marvelous job on picking off the pet hair.

Check Features

Vacuum cleaners having motorized brush will clean the carpet in a better way compared to the powered by suction. The brush which deactivates upon switch will be helpful in finishing the bare floors and will avoid scattering. Models with manual control of adjustment and suction will be good for cleaning draperies and delicate materials.

Bagless or Bagged

You can skip the cost included with bags purchase if you go for bagless vacuum cleaners, but they will-will need more filters and a periodic cleanup or replacement of filters. It can be a genuine concern if you have dust allergies or asthma for emptying the dust off bins.

Try before taking

You can order online but visit a store before. Try on the vacuum cleaners considered, push them, pull, lift, and turn. Check out their features and controls. Compare to the online price, and see if the store is matching.

Noise during the cleaning

Most of the cleaners wouldn’t reach a level of noise recommended for protection, but vacuum gets louder in a closed room which echoes, like a bathroom. Canister vacuums are less noisy.

Look out for Season Offers and Sales

Holiday season offers discounts and is available up to 30% discounts. You wouldn’t have to wait for massive brands because they will be offering discounts occasionally. Try checking in their online store, or sign up with the manufacturer, or subscribe for receiving coupons and upcoming products.

I recommend you to go through this guide for getting the best vacuum cleaner in the market. Happy Shopping!