Our sixth issue exploring shaming, being shamed, and the shameless


ISSUE 5: Do As I Say Not As I Do

We’re obsessed with the presence of people’s privacy and secrets gyrating publicly across every platform. We have an uneasy love for it. Public confessing has become a common way we interact with each other. We’re jumping on the bandwagon of self-evisceration and taking advantage of your voyeuristic itches to stuff some printed pages down your throats.

We want to share personal experiences through good storytelling and writing. We’re borrowing from the tell-all aspect of blogging culture and adapting it to a print format. So it’s sort of like The Moth, but in print, every two months, and with a Dublin angle.

We want to use the accessibility of illustration and good design to focus attention on new writers and their experiences.

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We won Best Cover at the Stack Independent Magazine Awards, and we are CHUFFED.

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