“I’ve thought long and hard. Do As I Say, Not As I Do pops into my head a lot. I’ve always thought it was very Irish. Reminds me of my mother.”

Back when we were a twinkle in a Kickstarter’s eye, we gave away the theme and title of our fifth issue to a generous soul willing to unleash a certain amount of dough on us. That soul belonged to chef and popup maestro Kevin Powell, the man behind amazing food project Gruel Gorilla.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do looks into issues of authority at Kev’s request in this period of post-election readjustment. The phrase describes the intrinsic injustice in orders - being told to do something that the speaker is not going to do. It’s a cliché and a cliché for a reason. Punishment and Power come up if you play a word association game, quickly followed by Mum, Work, School, Government, Dog. In a place like Dublin you are never allowed to forget the omnipresence of orders and the institutions they belong to. From your education to the shade of your boss’s lipstick, do as we do and look into questions of authority in this our fifth issue.



Fuchsia Macaree

I’d heard she changed her name when she was 8. She was in class one day and the teacher asked her what her name was - she flicked through the millions of possible lives and names she could have and settled on something she liked because of its suggestion of a strong vivid colour - “Fuchsia” she said.

I like to think this story is true even if it’s not, as it gives Fuchsia a precocious Matilda-like quality, throwing newts across classrooms with the power of her mind while she forges her identity under the mantle of this new moniker. It’s like an origin story that explains that idiosyncratic humour present in all her illustrations, as well as her total disregard for anything other than the beat of her own drum. Aside from her monstrous talent, it was this quality that made her perfect for our issue about authority.

Fuchsia is a working and breathing female illustrator whose work you might have seen in Totally Dublin, on a tote bag near you, at Offset events, and soon on a project by an enormous American corporation.