How To Choose a Circular Saw

How To Choose a Circular Saw?

Circular saws are famous for their portability, power, and versatility. These saws can even cut through materials that are not wood. Little wonder why woodworkers, carpenters as well as builders continue to find the tool valuable.

Are you thinking of buying one yourself?

Here are the things you need to look for.

Go Big

When it comes to circular saws, horsepower is critical. Circular saws are of different sizes. The sizes range from 4″ to 7-1/4″ with 7-1/4″ being the most popular size. The equipment is also usually graded by the RPMs of the saw blade or by the machine’s horsepower.

Choose a circular saw that has more power compared to other designs of the same size. We recommend models that have no less than 2 horsepower because they won’t bind when being used, especially if there’s a lot of loads involved. However, a 1-HP 7-1/4″ circular saw is also manageable.


But a compact circular saw is recommended if you are operating in a small space or for your small/portable jobs. Here you can find some of the best mini circular saws in the UK.

Saw Adjustments

There are controls on circular saws that you can use to regulate the depth of cut. It is typical for 7-1/4″ models to have control options from 0 to 2-3/8″. Also, you can adjust the slant of the cut from 0 to 45-degrees.

When choosing your saw, make sure to examine the controls. Ensure that they are effortless to operate and are capable of holding whatever angle or depth you wish them to.

Safety Features

All circular Saws come with some fundamental safety features. While choosing, you must examine the saw of your choice for a safety switch. This switch must be fastened upon before the trigger can be depressed. The saw should also come with a blade guard that moves easily as you plunge the saw through the wood.

This guard will, however, spring back into place when you put the saw away from the stock. Circular saws like other equipment come with manual and safety instructions. Do well to read and understand them. Also, ensure you put them to practice as you use the machine.

Extra Features

Circular saws that are of higher quality and grade typically have some additional properties. For example, the anti-locking clutch. Situated at either side of the blade, these clutches enable the blade to slide peradventure it binds on the stock. This also serves to protect the saw’s motor. A blade lock is another extra feature that higher saws have. This lock fastens the drive spindle in place and makes it simpler to replace the blade of your saw.

A.C. Power vs Battery-Powered Saws

A new improvement on circular saws has seen to the design of battery-powered models with 4-inch blades. These latest saws are perfect when it comes to simple cutting activities like paneling or cutting through 1/4-inch plywood. In addition to this, they’re easy to carry and are thus the ideal tool when the work you’re doing requires reaching high.

That said, in terms of horsepower these saws have been found wanting. As such, they can hardly cut through a thick wood. This battery-operated tool will no doubt be useful for you, but it is advised that you have others to fall back on if the need arises.

There you have it: your ultimate guide to finding the circular saw of your dreams. Start your search now and thank us later.


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