How To Clean Downspouts From The Ground

How To Clean Downspouts From The Ground

All those falling dry leaves are doing more than just littering your garden, they’re also doing a great job of clogging your gutter and downspout.

You may or may not know it yet, but your downspout probably needs a thorough cleaning by now.

Since you’re here, we’ll assume it’s the former. Neglecting your blocked gutter can cause serious complications that’ll eventually require you to spend your hard-earned money on repairs that could have been avoided.

This is why you should follow the downspout cleaning tips provided in this article so that you can eradicate the risk of encountering any serious issue.

How to Clean Your Downspout While on the Ground?

You can unclog using two methods. If you’ve stuck with a faulty strainer or realise that your gutter hangers are actually slipping out, then the best way to clear out clogs is from above. Otherwise, do it from the ground.

Clogs are pretty much easy to handle unless the clogging happened at the seams or elbows inside your downspout.

Needed Tools:

  • Gloves
  • Eye Protectors
  • Handheld Auger

Cleaning Your Gutter Downspout

gutter downspouts

Make sure you’re well-positioned at the top. Then, quickly flood the downspout with water using your pressure washer or a plumbing snake. This should clear out the dirt. However, if the clog persists, you’ll need to dismantle the downspout and get the clog out.

You can also clean standing on the ground. Bring out the downspout from the point it penetrates the ground. Again, make use of a plumbing snake to drive water up the downspout at a great speed.

You can use your handheld auger from the ground as well. Just make sure to wear gloves and eye protectors.

Put the auger into the downspout from its bottom by locking the wire and rotating the drum clockwise. Then, get the cable unlocked before guiding the tip of your auger through the blockages.

Afterwards, draw the auger wire backwards. Do this many times and the dirt will be cleared.

Also, you can put your garden hose into the downspout and switch the water on. If you’ve got a handy pressure washer, that would be even better. If after all these the blockage remains, then it’s time to seek help from an expert.

When is Your Gutter Clogged?

You may never think about clearing out your gutter if you have no idea it is clogged in the first place. So, we thought about listing the signs of clogging so that the next time your downspout becomes clog, you’ll know right away

  • Little or no water flow through the downspout
  • Water spills over gutter’s edge
  • Paint peeling off the fascia
  • Eroded earth surface underneath the gutter line
  • Gutter pulls away from the fascia
  • Moist siding underneath the gutter line

Extra Tips for Cleaning Downspout

Ideally, you should clean your gutters regularly, whether or not you notice any abnormalities.You can utilize any necessary tools or a gutter cleaning vacuum available in the UK market for an effective and easy cleaning.

This is much healthier and safer for you and the people around. Here are some additional tips for those who really wish to get rid of clogs more thoroughly.

  • Usually, clogging happens. somewhere close to the cage of the downspout. This cage is a sort of wire strainer which is situated at the point where the downspout connects with the gutter. The job of this strainer is to catch debris and stop them from getting inside the drain. However, the strain can shift or bend.
  • Spikes and gutter hangers also often slip off the fascia. When this happens, water flow is obstructed because the hangers will trap dry leaves.
  • When you tap your downspout using a screw driving, you can measure the amount of clog sitting in the seams and elbows of your downspout. Hollow sounds usually mean there’s no clog, but a dull sound means the seams are clogged.
  • In your underground pipe, it is possible for clogging to happen below ground level. An expert will better know how to handle this.

Gutters and downspouts getting clogged is a normal thing. What matters is how fast you remedy the situation. Thankfully, the cleaning processes are not so difficult so anyone, including you, can do it.