how to clean shower head

How To Clean Shower Heads

Is your showerhead not doing well? Is it shooting waters all around or maybe working at non-existent waster pressure? The primary reason for such undesirable experience is mineral deposits that have clogged the spray holes. You need to remove them all and the showerhead will revert you with a satisfactory bath that was missing from the last few weeks.

Apart from a spoiled behavior from your showerhead, the mineral buildup is also bad for your health. The moist environment is an invitation for bacteria and germs. Mineral build ups, limescale and similar microbial is nothing less than a breeding ground for them. Do you want to shower yourself every morning with bacteria? Of course not.

These are some of the reasons why you should clean the showerhead, every few months. If you don’t know how to clean it, then let us discuss the same today.

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How To Clean Shower Heads

Scrub or Wipe Clean The Showerhead

Use Vinegar To Clean The Showerhead

The showerheads that have silicon nozzles are easy to clean. You only have wiped the mineral build-up using your finger or a dry cloth. If you have an old showerhead, then you might have to use a toothbrush with some hand wash or soap.

Use Vinegar To Clean The Showerhead

Use Vinegar To Clean The Showerhead

If you are not getting optimized results even after cleaning the showerhead with a brush, then its time you should move one step ahead. The most preferred way is to use white vinegar that can clean the shower heater effectively. Not only cleaning, but vinegar will also improve its performance. You simply have to soak the showerhead into white vinegar for some time, maybe overnight. Now, there are two methods to do it.

Method 1: Remove The Showerhead

Can you detach the showerhead? It will make the cleaning process easy, whether it’s fixed or handheld. Find a container that can accommodate the showerhead and fill it with white vinegar. Leave the showerhead for a few hours in the same container for better cleaning results.

Method 2: No Need To Detach The Showerhead

Follow the given instructions if you don’t want to take out the showerhead.

Fill a plastic bag with a white container, but do not overdo it. Place the shower head inside the bag until its completely submerged. If the vinegar level needs some adjustment, this is the time. Finally, you need to fasten the plastic bag with the showerhead using a twist tie or string. Make sure that the plastic bag is secure otherwise it might slip away once you leave.

Let the showerhead enjoy some vinegar bath for a few hours. If the showerhead has gold, brass or nickel finish, then do not leave it submerged for than 30 minutes. Otherwise, vinegar can damage the external layer. Come back after a few hours to untie the bag and drain all the vinegar. Test the shower and let it run for some time, which will flush out all the mineral residues. Polish the showerhead with a dry cloth and try to use it.

For Deep Cleaning

If you still think that the shower is not performing according to its standard, then there is another cleaning method you can follow. Mix some baking soda with white vinegar and submerge the showerhead in this mixture.

Things To Avoid

Do you want the showerhead to perform in the same manner it’s performing after complete cleanup? Then make sure you repeat the cleaning process once every two months. If the showerhead is under heavy usage, clean it once every month.

However, you should never use bleach to clean the showerhead. Bleach cleaning will eventually attract more bacteria and other microbial. Do not use a brush that has hard bristles, otherwise, it will damage the showerhead or its finish. So, avoid these small things and you can enjoy a new like shower every day. Click here to know more info about best shower head.


Maintain your shower head regularly for a healthy shower every morning. Spending some extra time to clean the washroom and its fixtures make sure that you are safe from unwanted living beings. Bacteria are bad, bad enough to cause health disorders. We hope now you know how to clean showerheads and you can do it without any help. The cleaning process will not take much time, so it’s no big task to manage.

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