How to Mow Your Lawn and Keep It Green in Hot Weather

How to Mow Your Lawn and Keep It Green in Hot Weather

In times when the weather is transitioning from cold to hot, there’s always a need to reevaluate how you mow your lawn. This way, you can keep the plants safe and as healthy as possible. Here, we’ve come to teach you the best ways to mow your lawn during the hot season.

How Do You Mow Your Lawn in Hot Weather?

Sure, a low-cut, manicured lawn might appear to be the best. However, turfgrass is more ideal during summer when you allow it to grow a little. During this time, your lawn needs deeper roots to suck up moisture from the soil. Meanwhile, a more extended shoot usually means deeper roots too. Apart from this, a thick lawn also shades the soil and minimizes evaporation.

Many of the lawnmowers, specially best cordless lawn mowers UK being made these days have height adjustment levers. This feature is what makes it easy to raise and lower the deck while cutting grass. However, there’s a need to determine the precise setting by using a ruler. This is necessary until you’re more familiar with your machine.

We recommend that you let your grass grow to about 4½ inches during the hottest weeks and then mow it to around 3 to 3½ inches. Once the temperature starts to cool down again, you can drop the grass back down to about 2½, to gain a more manicured look. Here are the steps you need to follow.


Step 1: Measure Current Cutting Height

Roll your mower onto a flat surface. Your driveway or garage floor will do. Make sure you remove the spark plug from the power source to avoid any accidental turning on of the engine. To make the blade accessible to you, raise the rear-discharge flap. Then, measure the distance from the blade to the ground to know the height of your blade.

You must know that many manufacturers ship their mowers from the factory with their decks in the lowest position. Usually, they’re as low as 1.5 inches. This is capable of scalping a lawn even when the weather conditions are ideal.

Step 2: Adjust the Deck Height

Usually, a lawnmower will come with a notched adjustment lever attached to its wheels. For some mowers, each of the wheels may even have one lever. For others, one lever goes to the front wheels and another to the rear wheels. However, some come with only a single lever for all four wheels.

We have discovered that it is easy to operate all configurations once you learn how to do it. However, the notches don’t usually give a cutting height that corresponds. As such, you need to measure the blade a second time using your ruler. Do this after the adjustment to make sure that you’re still at the correct cutting height.

Step 3: Clean the Deck

There is a high probability that grass clippings get stuck to the underside of the deck as you cut. This is especially so if your lawn is damp. You will want to take care of this ASAP because if the clumps get too bad, they can begin to stop air from flowing freely inside the deck. This, of course, will eventually reduce the cutting performance of the mower.  Because dried clippings and clumps are not very easy to remove, you will want to clean the deck after every mowing.

Some mowers have unique washout port which you can hook up to your hose. However, a plain old rag will get the job done. Make sure to protect your hands from the blade by wearing heavy gloves.

One other thing you have to do is to spray your clean and dry deck with silicone spray. This is to abort any future build-up when cutting grass. The spray is easy to get at home centres or hardware stores. Also, inspect your blade and make sure it isn’t dull


In summary, your lawn will be more protected in the summer if you keep the grass a little thick. This protects the soil from damage. Now that you know the best way to mow your lawn in hot weather, make sure to apply the knowledge the next time it’s necessary.

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