Guts Issue 4: Kintsugi | out now

You can also find Guts in Amsterdam by seeking out Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum and in Hamberg at Gudberg Nerger.

We will be confirming our London, New York, and Berlin stockists shortly. If you would like to stock Guts please drop us a line.


Recently we’ve become obsessed with the presence of people’s privacy and secrets gyrating publicly across every platform. We have an uneasy love for it and we’re very fascinated by it. Public confessing has become a common way we interact with each other - whether it’s Instagramming your goji berries or tweeting about your right to show your nipples – the sharing of tiny personal details has become a common way for us to communicate and be creative.

So we’re jumping on the bandwagon of self-evisceration and taking advantage of your pervy voyeuristic itches to stuff some printed pages down your throats.

We want to share personal experiences through good storytelling and writing.

We’re borrowing from the tell-all aspect of blogging culture and adapting it to a print format because we think you people are into those moments of self-exposure, as well as collectible items. So it’s sort of like The Moth, but in print, every two months, and with a Dublin angle.

We want to use the accessibility of illustration and good design to focus attention on new writers and their experiences. Our formidable team oozes charisma and sex appeal, so we felt we needed a way to collect all their pheromones and ideas in one place for the greater good.

Each issue of GUTS will have one theme, with 8/9 writers and one illustrator responding to that theme. 

Editor & Publisher Roisin Agnew Design by Oh Hey Friend.