Stationary Bike For Beginners To Do Workout

Stationary Bike For Beginners To Do Workout

Doing exercise with a stationary bike is a great choice, especially if you are a beginner. Workout with a bike can give you the same benefits of any cardio exercise using any treadmill or walking and running outside.

But it may look hard at first as all-new training looks challenging at the beginning. So you better start doing it slowly and increase the speed and time gradually day by day.

Advantages of Stationary Bike

Losing weight or burning calories is not the only benefit of a stationary bike; there are many more health benefits of a workout with a bike. These are the following:

  • Gives low impact on the joints and spine
  • Naturally, build tissues and muscles
  • Emphasize on building strength and lubricated knee joints
  • It Gives proper support and comfort to the back and upper body parts.
  • Gives all the benefits of cross-training activity
  • The use of bikes is very convenient and safe for home.
  • Provides lots of workout plans or programs
  • Gives both the workout option of upright and lower body parts

Bike Setup

Bike Setup Stationary Bike

Before using the stationary bike, you should better make yourself familiar with the bike and learn how to use it if you are new to it. In the gym, you may ask your trainer to provide proper instruction to use it and at home, follow the instruction guide with it. You can learn how to adjust the resistant level by starting with a lower level and increase it gradually.

The seat should adjust according to your height and hips. Before giving pedal, you have to bend your knee slightly. There are many adjustment facilities to do like handle, seat, and pedals according to your reach and height. Gradually you will learn to adjust the resistant level while doing workouts.

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Starting The Workout

After adjusting all the bike parts, you can do the following before starting the main workout with the bike:

  • Fixed a scale accessible to hard (1 to 10) and begin testing the resistant level; if the level feels hard for you, then decrease it, and if the level feels too easy for you, then again increase it. Follow this method to adjust the resistant level.
  • As you are new to using the bike, your legs and hands may get tired, but keep doing it to enhance your endurance level, and stop doing it when you are ready.
  • You add a little more time slowly in every round to become a pro until you are up to 30 minutes.
  • You can also stretch your legs by stop pedaling if needed.
  • After finishing the workout, you better stretch your lower body parts.

Workout routine for the beginners

  • You can divide the first 20 minutes as follow:
  • Five minutes for comfortable warmup and keeping the lower resistance at RPE level four.
  • Increase resistant for another three minutes at RPE level five
  • Another two minute with increasing resistant at level five to six, slightly harder than baseline
    Give another three minute for pace back to baseline and two minutes for the slightly harder line at RPE level 5 to 6.
  • And at last, five minutes decrease your resistance and come back to your comfortable level to calm down at RPE level 4.

Developing the workout level

Doing 30 minutes of exercise with the bike is a recommended amount of time for getting health benefits. So once you can do 20 minutes of biking at a time, start adding more 3 minutes of soft line and two minutes of hard-line resistant level, in total five minutes.

And after one week, when you become comfortable with this, start adding another five minutes at the same tactic. In total, you can now do 30 minutes of biking at a time, which is the usual recommendation. Now from this level, you can build yourself for weight loss or calorie burning journey.

Using a stationary bike is a good option. Still, it’s not mandatory to use it every time; there are many other methods or equipment available for doing cardio or regular workout.

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