Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower

The Best Time To Buy A Lawn Mower

Items that are seasonal like lawnmowers, tend to be more expensive in the period that they’re in high demand.

Therefore, smart buyers often wait until a time when the product is not in such a high demand before they make their purchase. This way, they can save that extra cash and spend it on something else.

So, What Is The Best Time To Buy Your Mower?

If your aim is to purchase a mower at a lower price, the best time to make your purchase is when other people aren’t really looking to buy it.

Usually, the most ideal period is when all the hustle and bustle of summer have ceased, possibly around September and the beginning of Autumn. During this period, stores may have many unsold mowers which they would rather not store till the next year.

At this point, they try as much as possible to dispose of the machines even if it means selling them at a lower price.

According to the Gardengrower, the best electric lawn mowers here.

Other Smart Tricks to Save

Now, not all of us have the patience to wait till the end of summer before buying our much-desired mower. If you’re one of these people, there’s another way. How about you buy your mower in mid-May?

A lot of retailers offer a 30-day low-price guarantee for lawnmowers. This means that if there’s a reduction in price during a Memorial Day sale one can return to the shop to get a price adjustment.

Another cash-saving trick is to bargain with the retailer to beat the price down for you. While most retailers will likely cooperate, those who do not may be more open to including mower accessories or maintenance items as a bonus. Even if all you get is a replacement belt or a tiny bottle of oil, you would have still saved a little.

Purchasing a Used Lawn Mower

Purchasing a Used Lawn Mower

Purchasing a used mower can save you a significant amount of cash. If you find a lawnmower that has been used for 3 or 4 years and is still in a good state, the cost shouldn’t be more than 60 to 70% of the original retail price.

But I personally recommend to buy a new one, instead of getting a used one. If you want to save some money there are lots of inexpensive but good quality lawn mowers available in the UK to buy. GreenMachinery has published a list of the best cheap petrol lawn mowers of the year, that you can buy with confident, I believe.

This is when the mower is being offered by a dealer. If you’re buying from just an individual, then you should expect to pay even less. It is advisable that you go for popular models and brands since they’re safer. And do ensure that the repair cost, if any, is not too expensive.

When buying from a dealer, you need to inquire about the repairs that have been carried out on the mower, that is if any has been done at all. Plus, ask about why the previous owner gave the machine up for sale and whether there’s any warranty attached to it.

For those purchasing from an individual, inquire whether any of the mower’s paperwork’s still exists. A service record or receipt will give you an idea of the mower’s performance.

If the individual reports to you that no paperwork is available, then you will need to have a local dealer examine the mower for damage or parts that likely need repair. If you think you can handle the amount of work that the machine needs, then go ahead and purchase it.


The fact that a mower has been used before does not make it useless. If the machine has been well-maintained then it can serve you too for many years. Just make sure you continue to give it the gentle care and love it deserves.

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